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Open Registrations
Rock Climbing (Full Day)149
Rock Climbing (Half Day)119
Day Hike/ Snowshoeing99
Combo Climb and Hike139
Combo Climb with Yoga139
Overnight Backcountry Camping249
Overnight Backcountry Yoga269
Overnight Mountaineering359

Rock and Ice Climbing
Half DayFull Day
Group of 1189259
Group of 2139175
Group of 3119149
Group of 499125

Day Hike and Snowshoeing
Half DayFull Day
Group of 2-385125
Group of 4-66999
Group of 6 or more5975

Combo Climb and Hikes
Group of 2-4169
Group of 5 or more119

Combo Climb with Yoga
Group of 2-4169
Group of 5 or more119

Overnight Backcountry Camping
Group of 3-4299
Group of 5-8249
Group of 9 or more219

Overnight Backcountry Yoga
Group of 3-4329
Group of 5-8269
Group of 9 or more229

Overnight Mountaineering
Group of 3-4399
Group of 5-8359
Group of 9 or more299

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