Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “Open Registration” experience?

In an effort to provide a low cost option for those who don’t mind sharing their experience with others, we have created Open Registration trips. Anyone can join these trips, and you may be placed with others, but this often enhances the experience! Price does not change based on group size, so as long as participant minimums are met, Open Registrations are typically our most economical options.

What is a “Private” experience?

Private experiences have no participant minimums and are guaranteed to run, weather dependent of course. You can choose your trip date, we can accommodate trips 7 days a week. What we cover in a day is up to you- whether you are looking to climb as many routes as you can in a single day, hike a certain peak, or learn a very specific skillset, private experiences are custom tailored to meet your goals.

Is there a minimum number of participants for a trip to run?

Only for our Open Registration trips. Private experiences are guaranteed to run, weather dependent of course.

I am registered for a trip and can longer attend, what do I do?

Depending on where the trip was purchased and how close the trip start date is, you have several options. Please refer to our Cancellations Policy for more info.

What should I bring?

Be sure to review the packing list specific to your adventure. This can also be viewed in the trip description/registration page, or your confirmation email. As a general rule, avoid wearing cotton at all costs, and make sure you arrive with 2 liter of water.

Is there any experience necessary?

No! Majority of our trips are designed to be enjoyable for those with little or no experience in the backcountry and those who have experience alike.

Do I have to be in shape?

All of our adventures include distance and level of difficulty within their description. If you are concerned with being out of shape, try an adventure that is considered “easy’ first. Feel free to contact us for a more detailed description if you would like. Typically, we maintain or more leisurely pace. We want to enjoy where we are!

Refer to our Difficulty Info page for more information.

How many people will be in our group?

While this varies from trip to trip, typically you can expect anywhere from 4-12 people in your group on hiking and backcountry camping trips. Typically, Open Registration Rock Climbing trips are limited to four people max in a group.

Do I need my own equipment?

Our adventures include gear in the cost of the trip! Group gear such as tents and cookware is also included. If you have your own equipment you are more than welcome to use it, just make sure it complies with your trip’s packing list.

What will we eat?

Some of the best meals you have ever tasted! We’ve spent years perfecting our backcountry meals, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed! Meals vary by trip, but if you have any dietary concerns let us know, we will be happy to accommodate.

What if it is supposed to rain?

Typically, rain is not enough of a reason to cancel a trip, unless it poses a safety concern.

For our Rock Climbing trips, unless there is a high level of certainty that we will be unable to climb, trips will run as normal. In the event that we experience precipitation during the day, we will do our best to find the driest areas to climb, or simply finish the day with an alternative activity.

We will notify you within 24 hours of your trip if a trip will be cancelled due to potentially unsafe conditions..

Refer to our Cancellation Policy for more information.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, for majority of our trips the answer is no. Some places we go to simply do not allow dogs, and many of the trips require short sections that involve scambling- something our four legged friends may have difficulty doing. If you are looking to book a special group trip, we may be able to discuss this possibility.

What if there is not enough snow for a Snowshoeing Trip?

While we have no control over the weather, sometimes we do experience warm spells in the winter that may effect the snowpack. Normally, the trip will run and if snowshoes are deemed inapproprate, we will complete the hike with other traction devices such as Microspikes.


If you have any other questions, please contact info@alpineoutdooradventures.com.

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